Vihtavuori Powder

VihtaVuori Powder is a Scandinavian powder brand with an exceptional reputation for clean burning, accurate performance. It is produced in Laukaa, Finland.

The selection available from VihtaVuori includes fast powders such as N133, which is used for 6mm PPC and .223 Remington loads, and slower ones like N170, which works well with powerful cartridges like the .300 Weatherby Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. Competitive shooters of 9mm Luger and.40 S&W will want to check out 3N38 powder.

VihtaVuori extruded powders are made with extreme attention to quality and cost a little more than some of the other choices available--a tradeoff that many discerning shooters find worthwhile. Get the full line-up of VIhtavuori powders for sale below with fast shipping and very competitive prices.

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