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STPSL 1/2 Steel Target Plate Silhouette $53.00
STPSL 1/2 Steel Target Plate Silhouette $53.00

NEW DESIGN FOR THE "MOTHER OF ALL STEEL TARGETS." NOW WITH Rounded corners, radius in shoulder and AR500 steel. . THREE TARGETS may go USPS flate rate for $18.00.

WARNING!! Shooting steel targets can be deadly. When a bullet hits AR500 steel it splatters into a cloud of deadly sharpnel. DO NOT SHOOT STEEL WITHIN 100 YARDS. ALWAYS WEAR EYE AND HEARING PROTECTION.

1/2" 500 Brinell Steel Target Plate Only

Silhouette Measures 16.5" tall x 9" wide. These targets are so tough that drilling or punching them is almost impossible. So we made them with holes already in place so you can make swinger targets. . Most steel targets are 3/8" but we had these made 1/2" and they will take a 50BMG bullet without much damage. DO NOT USE AP bullets unless you want to destroy your target. Even AP's will take a while. You will not be disappointed as to how tough these 1/2" babies are. Also, swinging targets take up a lot of energy. If you place these target against a solid background without swing, it may shorten the life of your target.




Intended for High Power Rifles, Do not shoot closer than 100 yards.

You are getting the UNFINISHED Target Plate. We are supplying you the plate, it is up to you whether you want to Paint it, hang it, weld a base on it for a knock over target, or design your own pop up target or swinger.

Use at your own Risk !! Shooting at steel can be dangerous.

REVIEW: We took one of these plates and welded a chain on the back at one link. We then suspended the plate with polypro rope and shot it with 100 rounds of 30 carbine, 20 rounds of 7.5 Swiss, 60 rounds of DAG 308 fmj, 3 out of 6 38 special (from 100 yards, thank you) 20 rounds of 7.62x54R and finished up with about 300 rounds of M855.  It rang LOUD everything we hit it. The only damage was a lucky hit on the edge which knocked out a small chip from the edge and some very minor dimples from the M855 ammo. NO damage at all from the other ammo. (NOTE: Russ shot the chain in two three times, but that was OK because we just tied the rope behind the plate to the protected links and kept shooting. He claimed he was aiming at the chain...... uhhh ok) We spray painted it orange a couple times but that was all. CONCLUSION: YOU CAN NOT AFFORD THE AMMO THAT IT WOULD TAKE TO WEAR THIS PLATE OUT. I guess you could with 50 bmg or black tip AP '06, but why would you? Hang several of these targets up from 100 to 200 yards from the cabin and you will have almost a life time target. 500 brinnell is hardern' third grade. This target simulated center of mass for a human size target. This target weighs 20 pounds each, so you know it when you hit it!!

To reduce riccochet, use soft point ammo, but this plate is 1/2" thick!!!! It can take FMJ ammo but beware. Do not shoot with true AP ammo or 50 BMG  in order to spare the target.  Thanks for all your business and support for 34 years... Stan Widener, Owner


Buy any 6 targets and we will pay the shipping!

Manufacturer: Z1
Stock Number: STPSL
Inventory Status: IN STOCK
Price: $53.00 each

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