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MB2275HPB BP 5000 MIL-SPEC 22CAL 75GR HPBT $625.00 Prepaid
MB2275HPB BP 5000 MIL-SPEC 22CAL 75GR HPBT $625.00 Prepaid



Here is the story. We special ordered these bullets and had them built to exacting standards. The gliding metal jackets are as uniform as you can get and the virgin lead alloy core is bonded to the jacket to extremly close tolerances. This is a match bullet but sold at bulk bullet prices. No cannelure for optimum accuracy. If you want a crimp, the Lee FCD (factory crimp die) will put as hard a crimp as you want. We promise you will be happy with this bullet.  PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES BY USPS FLAT RATE BOXES. 

Build your own MK262 ammo at a fraction of the cost.These bullets ARE NOT what is used to make true MK262. Those bullets are Sierra 22 Cal. 77 gr. These are 75gr match bullets that are widely used and accepted as quality bulk components.

TEST RESULTS: A quick trip to the range with 5.56 reloads proved to me that these are pretty good bullets for the money. This is a very preliminary and limited report, so bear with me. First, I weighed 10 of these bullets. Results: 74.6 74.6 75.0 75.2 74.8 74.6 75.0 75.1 74.8 75.2. Not so bad for bulk produced military bullets. Extreme spread is around .6 grains. Other majors mfgs. were around .35 - .4 grains. Next, I measured the length and came up with the following: .9702 .9691 .9716 .9720. Hornady 75 gr match came up .9860 .9861 .9917 .9886.  The important point is that the MB2275 is about .02" shorter. If you do not change the seating die, the MB seats a little deeper than the Hornady. That gives all sorts of combinations to try regarding seating depth and powder charge. I think is shows the ogive on the MB is a little thicker in order for the bullet to seat deeper. You just have to find which depth works best for you. In shooting this bullet, 3 seven shot groups were fired from a 16" match stainless steel barrel 10 power Bushnell AR-15 using 844 powder, PPU case, and CCI41 primer. Range 80 yards, average group 1 1/4" The same size group was shot with Hornday 75 gr #22796. This is not a extremely tweaked match gun, it is a kit gun from Model 1. Cheap and fun for the money. Conclusion for me is that this is a good mass produced bullet for the money. I was afraid that I would get a 3" group and other box bullets would produce 1". I had no reason to worry, they have a great polish, well finished boat tail step-down heel, and a slightly larger hollow point. It is just that you don't know until you try them. It turns out that this bullet stays right in there. If I were shooting iron sights, it will shoot better than I can, so I would use it. 

1=5000 Bullets PREPAID 

Manufacturer: MIL-SPEC
Stock Number: MB2275HPB
Inventory Status: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $625.00 each

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