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SMA8N 8mm Mauser 196 gr FMJBT Yugo M75 Sniper Ammo $8.50/15 or $450.00 /900
SMA8N 8mm Mauser 196 gr FMJBT Yugo M75 Sniper Ammo $8.50/15 or $450.00 /900



8MM Mauser 196gr FMJBT Yugo M75 Sniper Ammunition

 Made by Prvi Partizan in the late 90 's

It is the most spectacular 8mm mauser surplus ammo we have ever had. It is NOT your standard mil.surp. third rate ammo. This ammunition compares to or exceeds current commercial production in terms of accuracy, quality and price. It is BRASS CASE, BERDAN PRIMED, LEAD CORE, COPPER JACKETED 196 gr BULLET (no steel anywhere) , LOADED WITH THE FINEST BELGIUM POWDER. IT HAS A SPECIAL ANNEALED BRASS CASE.(See the anneal mark in the picture) It comes packed in a 15rd white box marked M75 which is sniper ammo and is packed in a 1260 round (84 boxes) hermetically sealed case. It was designed for extremely accurate (and reliable) shooting. It is probably non-corrosive. Buy it and assume it is corrosive. If it isn't, you got a bonus.  Price does not include shipping charges.

Does Not ship in full case or the wooden Crate!!!!

60 = 900 rounds(60bx 15rd ea)

  1 = 15 rounds 

 You won't believe the quality of this Prvi ammo. Please, buy a Yugo mauser and a case of this ammo and have a great time at the range. 

Test Result: Nov. 14th, 2007. When this ammo came in this morning, we just couldn't wait. We grabbed 3 boxes, a Yugo M24 8mm (made 1944) rifle and off for a quick test. This ammo is just unreal.  We shot six 5 shot groups from about 60 yards from a bench. Average group was a little under 2" with a $100 rifle!! We chronographed 3 five shot strings with the following results. 2410 2420 2407 2400 2414    2407 2403 2428 2401 2402     2385 2473 2404 2412 2407. I fired the first two strings and Chris, (who is a champion benchrest shooter) first the last string. That is the only thing I can say to explain the 2473 shot. No sign of pressure or problems, so I think it was a benchrest shooter using iron sights that did it. (Just kidding, Chris) The close velocities and extreme accuracy really means this is true sniper ammo. I guess the special powder, case annealing and other factors all came together for this lot. AND PPU to beat all!! This ammo is better than anything available, new or surplus. Buy it now, limited supply. We will pull and measure later.

Manufacturer: Surplus Military
Stock Number: SMA8N
Inventory Status: OUT OF STOCK
1 to 59 - $8.50
60 and up - $7.50

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