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QQQSRM KVB-5.56M SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM PRIMERS (For use in 5.56 loads)$20.00 /1000
QQQSRM KVB-5.56M SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM PRIMERS (For use in 5.56 loads)$20.00 /1000


Wolf Small Rifle Magnum Primer ( Part # QQQSRM) - NEW

Wolf small rifle primers are now available in types.

SMALL RIFLE PRIMER (part # QQQSR) - Used as a standard small rifle primer. Perfect for the 30 carbine and 223 standard loads. Many people use this primer in bench and other loads for the 223. This primer is a copper colored primer.

SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM PRIMER (part# QQQSRM) - This is the primer we had before for use in the 5.56 loads and hot 223 loads. A thick cup for the higher pressure. We sold a lot of these primers earlier this year. The new lot is brass colored instead of nickel.

SMALL RIFLE 223 (part # QQQSR223)  NEW NEW  This is the newest primer available in the Wolf line. It is ever so slightly hotter than the small rifle magnum primer and it comes with a brass colored thick cup. This primer can be used in place of the SRM primer or used when a different powder is used that is hard to ignite.

Wolf primers look great. They are made in Russia and packaged in 100 rd trays in 1000 sleeves and 5000 cases. They are packed anvil up so no "primer flipping" required. They are ALL BRASS and our tests indicate excellent quality at a lower price than other primers.

Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers have the same power as regular Wolf Small Rifle primers, but the cup is a little thicker and less sensitive.


1 = 1000

5 = 5000



Manufacturer: Wolf
Stock Number: QQQSRM
Inventory Status: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $20.00 each

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