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WF762FMJ 123gr FMJ $228.00/1k
WF762FMJ 123gr FMJ $228.00/1k


POLYFORMANCE an advanced technology polymer coating

= 50 boxes (1000 rd case)



  • 7.62x39


    Grains:   123
    Jacket:   Bimetal
    Type:   FMJ
    Primer:   Berdan
    Muzzle Velocity:


    Energy (FPE):   1,555.6


This advanced technology polymer coating offers:

  • Superior Reliability: The application of the polymer creates a precision uniform coating around the casing. It produces a bullet with persistent, uncompromising, stable dimensions thus leading to smooth reliable extractions.


  • Better Functioning: The superior lubricity improvement eases wear in gun chambers and alleviates excessive operational and maintenance issues associated with rapid firing. The development of this polymer represents a break-through in the field of tribology, and incorporates the most recent chemistry in terms of lubricity improving molecules.

Manufacturer: Wolf
Stock Number: WF762FMJ
Inventory Status: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $228.00 each

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