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IMIRZCC - 500rd CASE - IMI 5.56 77gr OTM RAZOR CORE - $375.00 / 500rd CASE
IMIRZCC - 500rd CASE - IMI 5.56 77gr OTM RAZOR CORE - $375.00 / 500rd CASE

RAZOR CORE 77gr 5.56 X 45 (223) AMMUNITION BY

This is the EXACT new MK262 clone ammunition made to the DEMANDING specs for the
IDF (Israel Defense Force). This ammunition is NOT seconds or surplus, IT IS THE REAL DEAL
and it came off the exact line that produces the IDF ammunition. IMI has just introduced this fully checked, COMBAT tested round under the IMI "RAZOR CORE" brand name.

It features the world famous IMI brass case. This case is made to exacting IMI milspec and is
checked for all dimensions before proceeding to the loading area. This brass has a case wall
concentricity second to none which helps insure accuracy. The web is thick and the case is designed
to be reloaded many times over. The engineers are IMI understand reloading and if they make a superior case to start with, then the  reloading will take care of itself. It has the annealing mark on the neck.

It features a military 41 type non-corrosive crimped-in primer that is waterproofed.
It features the standard issue IMI military propellant powder of the best quality.
It features the SIERRA 77gr HPBT MatchKing bullet with cannelure. BUT, the bullet is
special loaded in the case with waterproof sealant like NOTHING ELSE on the market ANYWHERE.
In addition to the tar seal, the final application of a clear sealant made by Loctite is applied to the OUTSIDE
of the case mouth to insure a COMPLETE waterproof seal.
This ammo is the very best you can buy.

It features an accuracy requirement second to none for military ammunition per IDF requirements.

The ammuniton is packed in a plastic holder in a 20 round box that is designed to protect this true match round during transport until use. The quality of this ammunition and the care and time it takes to make far exceed the price.

1 = 500 Rounds (25 - 20 rd boxes)

Manufacturer: IMI [Israel Military Industries]
Stock Number: IMIRZCC
Inventory Status: IN STOCK
Price: $375.00 each

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