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TC Romanian TTC 7.62X25 PISTOL $225.00 Prepaid
TC Romanian TTC 7.62X25 PISTOL $225.00 Prepaid

These are in very good condition and show little holster wear. They come with two 8rnd magazines.

Made in Romania, this lot was a surprise to open. Such good shape. They have a safety lever and are a pleasure to shoot. We have extra magazines for these that are a bargain, seen here.

They are chambered for 7.62x25 Tokarev pistol caliber. See PPU ammo for brand new factory fresh ammo with brass cases, boxer noncorrosive primed cases.

The trigger pull is very smooth. There is no magazine block meaning that the hammer can be dropped with the mag out of the gun. These guns fire 8 round single stack magazines with 1 in the chamber for a total of 9 shots fully loaded.

The TTC are C & R eligible. 

Not for sale in NYC, MA, HI, D.C., (Chicago, all of COOK COUNTY),  California or New Jersey.



Manufacturer: Surplus Military
Stock Number: TTC
Inventory Status: IN STOCK
Price: $225.00 each

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