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PPB338U Prvi Partizan 338 Lapua Mag. Unprimed Brass $161.95 / 100
PPB338U Prvi Partizan 338 Lapua Mag. Unprimed Brass $161.95 / 100

Brand New Prvi Partizan 338 Lapua Magnum Unprimed Brass.

PPU makes the best specialty brass cases. They make the 416 Barrett brass and now, we have the 338 Lapua Magnum brass from Prvi Partizan. Unprimed so you can chamfer the flash holes, ream the necks, and what else you do for  your match ammo. Prvi knows brass cases. This case has the anneal marks, uncrimped boxer primer pockets and perfect case mouths. This will be your long range choice. Try it. The Savage rifles thrive on this brass.


We loaded this brass and shot it in a Savage tactical rifle. It was supurb. This PPU brass is tough as nails in 338 Lapua Magnum and the bolt will easily open after firing compared to other brands of 338 LM brass.

ALSO, please note that RCBS shell holder #37 will only fit NORMA 338LM brass. It will not fit Lapua or Prvi Partizan brass. ???? RCBS dies are great, but not the shell holder with PP338LM brass. Too small. 6-29-12 = Latest info is that RCBS shell holder # 48 is what you need for Prvi and Lapua brass.

Manufacturer: PRVI
Stock Number: PPB338U
Inventory Status: IN STOCK
Price: $161.95 each

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