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YUGOM57 Yugo/Zastava M57 (7.62x25) Pistol $99.00 Plus Shipping
YUGOM57 Yugo/Zastava M57 (7.62x25) Pistol $99.00 Plus Shipping

Last of the M57 pistols they are being sold in as is condition. NO RETURNS! They may or may not work. The serial numbers do not match. These are gunsmith specials or parts guns. They do have some rust on the frames and barrels!

  Yugoslavian/Zastava M57 TT Tokarev pistol.

Pistols are in Fair Condition, just look at the pictures, comes with one brand new 9 round Magazines These pistols were stored in cosmoline, you will need to dissasemble them and clean them before firing.



REVIEW: We couldn't wait to take a pistol out and try to wear it out.  First, I just picked one up uncleaned and sprayed it down with WD40, one swab of the barrel and off I went. Bad mistake. I was shooting the surplus brass case 7.62x25 ammo from PPU (86 mfg) The gun fired but I had at least 2-3 misfires per magazine load. When it did fire, it had really impressive accuracy for a handgun. Also, the trigger was EXTREMELY hard to pull and all in all it was OK, but could have been better. THEN, I field stripped the gun which is very easy to do and gave it a complete cleaning. MAN was that gun packed with cosmoline and some metal shavings . The firing pin is spring loaded and the complete plug of cosmoline was slowing the firing pin causing the misfires. After a field strip and cleaning, it was like shooting a different gun. The trigger pull is light, but has some creep in it. I have since fired it about 700 rounds and have not had the first misfire, FTF, FTE, or jam. SO, FIELD STRIP THIS GUN AND SERIOUSLY CLEAN IT BEFORE SHOOTING. Google "how to field strip a M57" for help. As I said before, the accuracy was AMAZING for a pistol. Really suprising for a CR gun and surplus ammo. The 7.62x25 Tok caliber has some serious power, but not a lot of recoil in this pistol. 9 round magazine is a lot of ammo for a single stack pistol. It fits nicely in the hand and is a flat shooting long range accuracy pistol. The 30 cal bullet really reaches out there. Also, the condition of this random picked gun was.... I hate to say this,,,, but it was in great shape. Some are not, but I think the used ones are better as they are broken in and ready for some serious shooting.  This gun will take a lot of wear and tear. FIXED SIGHTS. This gun has fixed sights front and rear and they seemed to be sighted in just fine Windage adjustment of course. The test gun was on zero at 25 yards. TRIGGER- The trigger pull has a lot of creep in it and it is not a hair trigger, but not hard. I think you could work on it if you wanted to, but it functions just fine as it is. We had one returned as it was not firing properly, but it turned out to be the grip and bent safety that had ridden up and the safety could not go all the way to the bottom which sometimes caused it not to fire. I fixed that and now that is MY gun.  All in all, this is an automatic pistol made in 1957 in Serbia (Zastava) and it is unbeatable, IMHO. It is an excellent shooter and you will have a lot of fun with it.  Powerful but light and you can feel the quality when you shoot it.  thanks,  Stan Widener

Not for sale in NYC, MA, HI, D.C., (Chicago, all of COOK COUNTY),  California or New Jersey.

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Manufacturer: Surplus Military
Stock Number: YUGOM57
Inventory Status: OUT OF STOCK
Price: $99.00 each

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