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Holosight Riflescopes

The hand is quicker than the eye? About time we fixed that. The Bushnell® HOLOsight® series features advanced holographic technology that projects the appearance of an illuminated crosshair 50 yards in front of your gun, without projecting any light. You can sight from any distance behind the gun with unlimited eye relief and field-of-view. And our new XLP model also features Rainguard® lens coating protection, standard AAA battery operation and a lower profile. Bottom line: HOLOsight gives you the ability to bead up on a bird as soon as you raise your gun. It's so fast, your hands may get a little jealous. But chances are, they'll be too busy pulling the trigger to care.

  • Features
  • 100% waterproof/fogproof/
  • Illuminated crosshairs are visible in the lowest light
  • Unlimited (1/2" to 10 feet) eye relief
  • Instant target acquisition for faster, more accurate shots
  • Fits easily on handguns, shotguns and rifles with a Weaver-style mount
  • Low-battery warning and auto shut-off

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