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38 Super

The .38 Super offers higher bullet velocities than the 9x19mm Parabellum including +P and +P+ in factory cartridges. The greater case capacity allows for more powder and results in higher muzzle velocities at approximately similar pressure levels. The .38 Super is generally regarded as a well-balanced cartridge with a flat trajectory, good accuracy and capable of delivering plenty of energy. In fact most loadings will deliver more kinetic energy than most factory-loaded .45 ACP rounds.

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38 Super Products

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PP38SUF Prvi Partizan 38 Super 130gr +P FMJ Ammo $20.00/50 or $190.00/500   PP38SUF Prvi Partizan 38 Super 130gr +P FMJ Ammo $20.00/50 or $190.00/500   IN STOCK Log In