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9130PU Russian M91/30 PU Sniper  $569.00
9130PU Russian M91/30 PU Sniper $569.00



Here's what we know about this incredible lot of Mosin Nagant M91/30 sniper rifles;

They are M91/30 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R 5 shot turn-down bolt action rifles made in different factories from 1939 to mid 1940's.  They come with an authentic M91 PU sniper scope that was manufacitured around 2009 to the WWII specs in Russa, and an assortment of accessories including an bayonet, frog, ammo pouch, sling, punch (rod handle), crown protector (cap) when cleaning, tool pouch, rod connector, bolt tool, jag and original two spout oil can.  

These rifles were reproduced in a Russian factory in the 2000's and packed 20 per crate.  They were NOT put together in the US by an importer.  ALL SERIAL NUMBERS MATCH including the serial number on the bayonet.  The Russian factory packing list comes with each rifle.  The scopes were manufactured and paired with a rifle by the russian factory.  The scope has two serial numbers.  The one on top is the scope serial number and the one put on the side shows which rifle the scope was originally paired with (matches the rifle you are purchasing).  The quality of the rifle is excellent.  The wood is excellent and in perfect shape with only the occasional ding.  The bores are bright and shiny.  

There seems to be some confusion on whether these rifles are original PU sniper rifles.  These are NOT Original sniper rifles from the factories from 1940s.  Originals generally fetch $1000+ on the open market from our understanding.  These are QUALITY   Russian reproductions from the 2000's and are in excellent shape. 

There are several lots out there on the internet that we MADE BY AN IMPORTER. These were MADE IN RUSSIA and all have MATCHING SERIAL numbers. You can't beat these rifles with parts guns and after factory re-makes.


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Manufacturer: Z1
Stock Number: 9130PU
Inventory Status: IN STOCK
Price: $569.00 each

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